Middle School Operations Manager 2020-2021


We are looking for an experienced School Operations Manager to create, manage, and execute a variety of logistial and operational systems necessary for school operations in conjunction with the Principal and Director of Operations. The School Operations Manager is a highly self-motivated professional capable of envisioning and enacting systems from both macro and granular perspectives.

This position is a full-time position with a start date of July 1, 2020.


·        Strong commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of school

·        Minimum of a degree bachelor’s degree

·        2+ years experience

·        Excellent verbal and written skills

·        Strong organizational skills

·        Openness to feedback



·        Manage operations team

·        Conduct operations team meetings

·        Collaborate with Principal in the creation of logistical systems necessary for school operation

·        Collaborate with Director of Operations in the creation of logistical systems necessary for network operations

·        Manage usage of physical space in the building

·        Manage adult facing systems

·        Regularly audit logistical systems

·        Problem solve and communicate operational systems with necessary stakeholders



·        Assign teacher coverage

·        Ensure crispness of displayed materials in the hallway

·        Ensure crispness of all classrooms and work spaces

·        Ensure all class rooms and work spaces are stocked with appropriate materials

·        Manage organizational systems relating to moving school sites.

·        Maintain organization and order in the front office

·        Manage arrival and dismissal systems

·        Conduct daily walk throughs to ensure all systems are running appropriately

·        Create organizational systems for technology

·        Manage Report Card Pick Up day (Parent Teacher Conferences), Family Orientation Night,Uniform Pick-Up

·        Manage the production and dispersal of weekly progress reports

·        Create and execute professional development related to operational systems

·        Act as point of contact between leadership team, teachers, and operational teams regarding daily school operations

·        Communicate on-site needs to third party vendors (cafeteria staff, janitorial services,transportation services, etc.)

·        Maintain staff calendar

·        Manage scheduling of visitors

·        Execute on-site safety drills and systems

·        Set norms regarding methods of communication (walkie-talkies, email, text messages, etc.)

·        Organize testing logistics

·        Organize physical space for Professional Development

·        Manage teacher closeouts at end-of-year

·        Address school site needs related to enrollment

·        Participate in evaluations of operations team members

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