First Day of School and Dismissal Changes

First Day of School and Dismissal Changes
August 6, 2019

Dear THA Familia,

 We had a great first day of school today! Thank you to all of the parents, scholars, teachers, and staff who have worked so hard to make it happen. 

 We had a really strong first day of school, but we did experience some challenges during dismissal. As you know,this is the first year to have both a high school and a middle school, and we are still sorting out some details. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we continue to resolve all of these challenges. 

 Due to some confusion and to alleviate some traffic concerns, we made adjustments to the dismissal times. For the rest of this week and all other early release days,  

  • the     THA High School will release at 1:20     pm.
  • the     THA Middle School will release at 1:30     pm.

Families, please make sure that you have reviewed all of the bus names and stops. Please reiterate what bus your scholar(s) will get on. Many scholars were unclear about what bus they needed to ride, which caused a lot of confusion. We will also work with our scholars to ensure that they know where to go, but your support at home is instrumental.

Again, thank you for your patience and partnership as we work through these kinks together!

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