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Our Professionalism Philosophy and Standards

At Tulsa Honor Academy, we believe that rigorous curriculum  and meticulous systems and procedures are irrelevant without strong teachers to execute them. Therefore, we will hire and train teachers of the highest caliber — hardworking, intelligent individuals who will execute on our vision every minute of every day.

Teachers at Tulsa Honor Academy are expected to design and deliver high-quality, standards-aligned lessons each day. We believe teachers grow when they are constantly challenged and supported. Therefore, in order to drive and support high quality instruction, professional development will be an integral component of working at THA. Teachers will continuously be observed and given feedback. Additionally, they will receive a plethora of professional development opportunities:

  • 3 hours of weekly PD
  • 5 data analysis and full PD days
  • Weekly individualized coaching and feedback

At Tulsa Honor Academy, we hold the following to be true:

  • It is hard, but joyful – for kids and adults. We work hard, but love just as hard. We take our jobs very seriously, but ourselves less so.
  • Back to basics liberal arts school – We have a fundamental belief in teaching kids to be critical thinkers through ELA and STEM.
  • Everyone is a literacy teacher – ALL teachers are expected to use reading, writing, and daily discourse to push student achievement.
  • Structure Driven School – You will sacrifice some autonomy in exchange for consistency/commitment to a shared definition of excellence.
  • Team, team, team – For kids this means you rely on and support your community. For adults this means you learn from one another and respect each other enough to hold high expectations.
  • Constant improvement – what it really means to get feedback. Lots of looking in the mirror and not pointing out the window.
  • We value diversity and equity – Institutions thrive with diverse people and backgrounds.
  • People, paper, college - in what we invest says a lot about what we prioritize.

Tulsa Honor Academy Charter School is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer, and makes all employment decisions based on qualifications to perform the work without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. All employment decisions at Tulsa Honor Academy are made in a non-discriminatory manner, and are based on the qualifications, abilities, and merits of each individual applicant.

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