This is an opportunity unlike any other.

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Tulsa Honor Academy is on a mission to equip all scholars with the academic skills, content knowledge, and ethical character required for college graduation and life success.

We believe our scholars deserve access to a high-quality education in a facility that brings endless opportunity.

“Tulsa Honor Academy’s success further solidifies what is possible for the scholars of East Tulsa when a community has access to a college-preparatory education and believes students are capable of achieving at high levels. Our community’s investment in this building is an investment in the future of our scholars and our city."

- Founder and Executive Director, Elsie Urueta Pollock

 In March of 2020, Tulsa Honor Academy purchased the former PennWell property.  In October 2020, Tulsa Honor Academy completed its phase I buildout of 43,300 sq. ft. In phase II, the proposed buildout will complete the renovation of the building’s total 120,000 sq. ft. The second phase will house Tulsa Honor Academy High School and includes a variety of spaces to provide scholars access to rigorous academic instruction and robust elective courses, which ensure scholars are prepared for the rigors of college.

THA is in relentless pursuit to provide scholars a high-quality, college preparatory education and needs your help to do so. Tulsa Honor Academy has launched a $3 million capital campaign to complete phase II of its permanent facility.

The opportunity to invest in the future of students in East Tulsa is an opportunity unlike any other for our community.


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  • Gymnasium
  • Science labs
  • STEM classroom with outdoor access
  • Art classroom
  • Music room
  • Fitness studio for ballet folklorico and physical education electives
  • College Readiness Center 
  • Additional common areas


Tulsa Honor Academy opened its doors in 2015 with 92 fifth grade scholars. To ensure scholars were prepared for the rigors of college, THA requested and approved to expand to serve grades 9-12. After the opening of the THA High School in portable buildings, THA continued to urgently search for a permanent home.


In March of 2020, Tulsa Honor Academy secured a 120,000 sq. ft. facility owned by former PennWell Corp and Phase I of construction was completed in October of 2020. THA to launched a second middle school, Flores Middle School, drastically increasing the number of scholars THA will be able to serve.


At full growth, THA will serve more than 1,620 scholars in grades 5-12. Phase II of construction will complete the renovation of the facility and will serve as a permanent home for Tulsa Honor Academy for years to come.

what does this mean to scholars?

"The building represents the final home for THA. It's our official building and we got it because of the THA Familia. Being able to have a completed building before my senior year is really impactful because this is where everything started. Even though we started in one building and moved to multiple others, this is our final ending point. This is where we're going to look back and remember that we worked so hard for it and now we've graduated from it." -Verenice, Founding THA Scholar

"I feel so honored to have been at THA for so long and I'm so thankful that is school has given me a great education. I feel very relieved to have a permanent facility. It is a consistent location, which allows us to come to school and do what we need to do." -Christian, THA 10th Grader

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