Why These Two Tulsa Educators Returned Home to Save the Latino Students Too Often Left Behind

October 1, 2019

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon, and fifth-grade math teacher Sasha Ducey is spending her day off knocking on doors in the trailer-park neighborhoods that dot East Tulsa.

Walking past wire fences threaded with weeds and weaving her way in between large pickup trucks parked in driveways, she peers over a gate and waves at family members standing on a front porch.

“Hi! Are you Emily’s parent?” Ducey asks.

The dad descends the stairs warily. “Yeah. How do you know?”

Ducey, armed with a list of every fourth-grader in Tulsa Public Schools, tells Emily’s dad about a new 5-8 charter school, a free college prep middle school that just opened in their neighborhood in 2015. Would he be interested in sending his daughter to Tulsa Honor Academy for fifth grade?

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