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Return to school plan


As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated our community on a local, state, national, and even global level. Now we must grapple with all of the day to day changes this virus has forced upon us and try to find our new “normal”.  We also recognize that we owe it to our scholars and families that we do not let these challenges hold us back from fulfilling our mission: to equip all scholars with the academic skills, content knowledge, and ethical character required for college graduation and life success.  Despite all of these challenges, still, we must rise.  Thus, we are committed to delivering a high quality education despite the current conditions with which we are faced.

Simultaneously, we must create a safe learning and working environment for our scholars, families, and staff.  The health of our community must remain at the forefront of every decision made.

Thus, as we prepare for our return to school, we have utilized the following principles to guide our decisions:

  • All decisions are made in alignment with THA’s mission and vision.
  • We prioritize scholar and staff health above all else.
  • The policies we propose are backed by local, state, and federal health and educational experts.
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